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Guitar Bar

Guitar Bar has been serving the Hoboken and greater New Jersey / NYC are since 1996. They have an ever-changing variety of quality new & used items, and unique vintage pieces, too. Check out their inventory here.

Need a repair? No problem! Their expert repairs that will get your axe in tip-top shape in no time.

Guitar Bar is one of the stores GBDD is modeled after, so you can expect to find great teachers there as well. They offer lessons for a wide variety of instruments. Also be sure to check out Guitar Bar Jr in uptown Hoboken for Karyn Kuhl's LITTLE ROCKnROLLERS group classes for kids!


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Drum Den

The Drum Den has been serving the drummers of the New Jersey / NYC area for since 2010. They've got a wider selection of drums, cymbals, and kits than space allows at GBDD with plenty of new, vintage, and used gear. Check out their inventory here.

They have the expertise and tools to repair pretty much anything you can throw at them and they have TWO full drum lesson rooms where students can play along with their teachers.

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